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Director(s): Yan Yan MakHK124 min.2004
CategoriesL, fiction
Accessibilitynot suitable for minors under 15 years of age
LanguagesCantonese, English (orig.)
SubtitlesEnglish, slovak
Black and white / colourcolor

Back in the late eighties, Flavia was in a relationship with Jin, a human rights activist. The time they spent together was one of unbridled affection and carefree existence. Except, there is no such thing as a carefree existence. Outside pressures got in the way of a happily-ever-after for Flavia and Jin. Jin became a nun, while Flavia went on to marry Ming.

A chance encounter in a supermarket reawakens dormant feelings and Flavia begins to think back on her teenage affair...

A gentle film with intriguing characters and a surprising punch lending it a real feel that remains urgent even today, asking more than the question: "lf people lose their human rights, then what is the point of being human?" IMDb bulletin
Projection of Butterfly at Slovak Queer Film Festival 2023
Queer Hong Kong
25. Nov
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28. Nov
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